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Loose ends

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Posted by Rognik, 7:10pm, 1 Apr, 2006

It could be dependent on the lunar cycle, which is quite different from Gregarian calendar most of us use. It's a natural cycle that one could use, and seems more appropriate considering the mystic nature of the matter. But then, that could've been figured out quickly enough. After all, Easter is the first full moon after the vernal equinox (which are both astrological phenomina), and we created a formula for that. But still, I'm leaning towards the moon there.

And now for a period I like to call Silly Q&A!
- Why was Barlow abandoned in the marsh?
His parents wanted him more mellow. (Get it? Marsh-mellow?)
- Last time, the bridge was put up by accident. How?
It fell from the sky.
- What happened to the marble of pure evil?
It fell into Alex's old marble bag.
- Where did Crystal go to school?
Her alma mater, of course.
- What horrible things has Crystal done?
Things that could turn you to stone like... turning people to stone!
- How did Rebecca almost destroy the town?
By failing to actually destroy the town
- Why do people forget about Spider Cliff?
What happens in Spider Cliff STAYS in Spider Cliff!
- Who is Madame Turing?
Isn't she the judge? The fortune telling machine? That was an easy one.
- How did Ed become sheriff?
Everyone voted for him. Or no one else wanted the position.
- What else happened on the Wednesday that Wasn't?
Lots of stuff that we can't remember. :p
- What does Crystal's symbol mean?
Something in demonic. I lost my english-demonic dictionary, though.
- Why is Turnip so smart?
He ate his veggies like his parents told him to. :p
- Why do things affect demons and paper mammals differently?
Maybe they're polar opposites?
- Why must Barlow kill Crystal if they fall in love?
You always hurt the ones you love...
- Why "Spider" Cliff?
They followed a spider back to its web and said, "We shall form a town here!" :p
- Why has Eliza so thoroughly shut out the supernatural?
Trauma from her past.
- Would Annabelle attack the townspeople is allowed?
Yes. We know that.
- How did Sawbones become doctor in a mammal hunting town?
He got his Ph.D. in medicine.
- Why does a botanist have a sledgehammer?
She does more than just botany, you know. And in a camp, you need lots of strange tools.
- Where does all the food come?
*pause* Rebecca has many secrets.
- Where do the brains come from?
The pipe!
- What happened to the things that were in the Bean Vault?
They were moved.
- What happened to the things in the study?
The mirror and globe stayed behind, and Barlow probably put the other two back afterwards,
- How did the demon-hunter and sheriff positions get separated?
Vedalia didn't want to be sheriff. Simple as that.
- Why doesn't Crystal run for mayor?
She doesn't want the responsibility.
- What was the urban experiment that created it?
*pause* Hey, look! A three-headed monkey! *runs*

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 8:34pm, 1 Apr, 2006

omg so you're part of the race of awesome people known as "Monkey Island" fans too! *lapses into an obscure dialect of LeChuck references*

yes, i am a nerd. no, i will not apologize for this.

Posted by Deverien, 5:03pm, 3 Apr, 2006

"You may call me MURRAY! I am a powerful demonic force!"
"I'm Bobbin. Are you my mother?"
"That's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen!"
"Burn down every island in the Caribbean if you have to, but bring me my bride! AND MORE SLAW! (They never give you enough slaw!)"
"Now is the time for MONKEY KOMBAT!"

"You fight like a dairy farmer."
"How appropriate. You fight like a cow."

"Today by myself, twelve people I've beaten!"
"By the size of your gut, I'd say they were eaten."

Okay, now to get back on topic:

Why is Annabelle the only zombie to come back from the swamp, and why was she so well preserved? Could she be a spy, unwittingly sent by the other undead carnie-folk?

Posted by featheredkitten, 8:49pm, 3 Apr, 2006

annabelle was the only zombie to come back from the swamp because she was the first, ergo the smartest zombie...the others were caught and killed by barlow turnip and alex

Posted by imp, 1:23pm, 4 Apr, 2006

But what about the second zombie?

Posted by smjjames, 9:30pm, 4 Apr, 2006

there is no second zombie...

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 7:38am, 5 Apr, 2006

there is, or was, but it wasn't smart enough to climb up the pole in TWTW and escape barlow and alex's wrath.

A Rather Silly Comment

Posted by meserene, 9:00pm, 7 May, 2006

In Chapter 32 of The Wednesday That Wasn't, there is a LONE pink matrimonial on a windowsill! It's behind Crytal while she and Barlow are talking. I've gotten so used to seeing them together that it really startled me! We could go for the obvious 'one was being blocked from our view', but I think the observation is a fun loose end worth mentioning.

Posted by athena54, 11:33am, 10 May, 2006

Hey, it could be asexual or a very radical feminist... oops, sorry kiddos...that one slipped...
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Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 4:35pm, 10 May, 2006

awww... maybe it has really bad acne or B.O. Poor unattractive plant-lady!

Posted by rora123, 6:34pm, 14 Feb, 2007

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Some more

Posted by videocrazy, 8:14pm, 18 Feb, 2007

I have a bit of a poor memory, so forgive me if these have been explained already but...

- Forget the artillery shells, why is there a CANNON in spider cliff?
- What was the code and the translation in that diary?
- Why can't a demon override an order given to a zombie? because Annabelle was told not to tell what happened on wednesday, but why couldn't a new order overwrite that one.

More as i think of some
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