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Loose ends

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Loose ends

Posted by imp, 2:32pm, 24 Feb, 2006

I'm starting this thread to catalogue all the loose ends. This is not a place to discuss them, though we can start other threads, it is just a place to put down the strange things to read and think about.

Here are some:
- Why was Barlow abandoned in the marsh?
- Last time, the bridge was put up by accident. How?
- What happened to the marble of pure evil?
- Where did Crystal go to school?
- What horrible things has Crystal done?
- How did Rebecca almost destroy the town?
- Why do people forget about Spider Cliff?
- What really happened in the Circus War?
- Who is Madame Turing?
- How did Ed become sheriff?
- What else happened on the Wednesday that Wasn't?
- What does Crystal's symbol mean?
- Why is Turnip so smart?
- Why do things affect demons and paper mammals differently?
- Why must Barlow kill Crystal if they fall in love?
- Why "Spider" Cliff?
- What was the urban experiment that created it?
- Why has Eliza so thoroughly shut out the supernatural?
- Would Annabelle attack the townspeople is allowed?
- How did Sawbones become doctor in a mammal hunting town?
- Why does a botanist have a sledgehammer?
- Where does all the food come?
- Where do the brains come from?
- What happened to the things that were in the Bean Vault?
- What happened to the things in the study?
- How did the demon-hunter and sheriff positions get separated?
- Why doesn't Crystal run for mayor?

Posted by smjjames, 2:39pm, 24 Feb, 2006

I think the demon hunter and sheriff position thing was explained somewhere.

I think crystal said she was from Sprawling-Mossville, don't know if she said she went to college there or not. we may find this out in the upcoming story.

I think Ed was voted for sherriff. also I believe there is a list of who was mayor, demon-hunter and sherriff on the boards somewhere, just gotta find it.

and what symbol of Crystals are you talking about?

here is the list I was talking about. I don't know how the positions got separated, but they seem to have been from the early days.
1887-1892 Dr. William Bean
1892-1912 Alistair Bigly Bean
1912-1930 F. Douglas Blake
1930-1949 Elias Sanderman Blake
1951-1999 Theodore Blake

1895-1912 Harrington Bean
1912-1950 Edith Blake
1950-1976 Nicolas Bath
1976-present Edward Sluggmoss

1887-1892 Dr. William Bean
1892-1912 Alistair Bigly Bean
1912-1930 F. Douglas Blake
1930-2002 Vedalia Bean
2002-present Barlow Bean

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Posted by jasonblue, 2:02pm, 26 Feb, 2006

imp, I like the way you think. I have an answer to many of your questions, but I'm not ready to reveal that stuff just yet. Currently I'm trying to hold the rate of answered questions to the Federal Reserve's prime interest rate, so that each answer will create 1.0452 new questions.

Some useless trivia (that relates to the number of loose threads)...
The entire transcript of stories 1 through 7, when put into Word in the default font and size, weighs in at 485 pages.

Posted by Deverien, 2:41pm, 26 Feb, 2006

Maybe I missed something, but what exactly was the globe used for in the Case of the Camera Obscura?

Posted by smjjames, 3:12pm, 26 Feb, 2006

maybe it was meant to be a clue for the other stuff so that the clues would point to the mirror because of the elemental association thing.

and I'm not sure what discrpancies in dates Jason meant in the studio entry. other than that fake handbook in "McGuffins Corpse" anyway. there may be some discrepancies as far as how the dates of the careers of some ppl and when they died/were born or something.

Posted by imp, 4:13pm, 27 Feb, 2006

Crystal draws a symbol in the sand sometimes. She drew it in Alistair's coffin after they burned him the first time.

Posted by imp, 10:22am, 28 Feb, 2006

Here are some more idle ponderings:

- What REALLY lives in the forest?
- Who put the enchanment on the secret room? Dr. Bean? He was an inventor, not a magician.
- Who originally hired Crystal to destroy the town? Rebecca?
- What makes the marsh a marsh? Its location close to a sheer cliff makes it an unlikely place for wetlands.
- Why does the mist over Smoggy woods lift EXACTLY once per year?
- Why would a circus permenantly set up shop in a marsh in the middle of nowhere?
- If people forget where Spider Cliff is, how could Crystal be directed to it to begin with?
- Why did the residents install the restraining bar?
- Why would Spider Cliff have artillery shells?
- Why couldn't Crystal open up the metal door with her powers? Was it too heavy?
- What was the answer to the final riddle?
- What are the circumstances surrounding Dr. Bean's departure from Spider Cliff and his subsequent decease?
- What convinced Crystal to start changing her ways?
- Who will the next resident of Spider Cliff be?
- Does Madame Turing possess all the real monetary wealth in town?
- If so, what does she plan to spend it on?

Posted by jasonblue, 12:11pm, 28 Feb, 2006

- What REALLY lives in the forest?
- Why does the mist over Smoggy woods lift EXACTLY once per year?
- Who will the next resident of Spider Cliff be?

These will be addressed soon!


Posted by wonderles, 2:01pm, 28 Feb, 2006

Jason really knows how to intrigue! [Spider]cliffhanger! *groan*

Posted by Schnerples, 2:06pm, 28 Feb, 2006

But I want to know now! Arg! I don't like waiting but I also don't want to know immediately. Waiting is half the fun. Yeesh, if only I could know and not know at the same time!

Posted by smjjames, 2:33pm, 28 Feb, 2006

the fog lifting could easily be part of a seasonal cycle, although a more complex one than just the sun rising at a certain point on the horizon on a certain day of the year.

since the complexity of it could mean that there are many factors and so if it was natural it might vary occasionally. personally I think magic is involved because Crystal sensed SOMETHING when she and turnip went into the forest.

Posted by imp, 10:07am, 1 Mar, 2006

The mist is obviously not natural . . . the seasonal cycle doesn't explain it either. Even if certain atmospheric conditions of light, barometric pressure, temperature, position of the moon and sun, etc. needed to be met, some years the mist would lift more than once, and other years it wouldn't lift at all. Those factors aren't timed with the revolution of the Earth around the Sun. It either depends on some kind of subterranian pressure buildup (as with Old Reliable) or magic.

Though I guess that if it depended on the Earth's distance from the Sun, it could happen once per year . . . on the winter or summer solstice.
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