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The Future of Spider Cliff

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Posted by athena54, 6:56pm, 2 Mar, 2006

I love starting stimulating conversations...especially when people are about to rip the others's throats out...It's a change... aren't we supposed to be "one" with nature?...everyone take a deep breath...

Alright, nevermind...

By the way, I meant the Human Sheriff... Sorry if I ruffled any feathers...

Posted by imp, 10:10am, 3 Mar, 2006

I didn't mean to be critical of your comment, athena54, and I apologize. I guess it just conjured up an image of Rebecca and Turnip with this big honking star on his chest getting together and made me laugh.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 2:09am, 29 May, 2006

I think that in the future we will find out where Barlow really came from, or at least I hope so, because that has been bothering me ever since I started reading SC. He was found in the marsh after all. And I still think that Barlow has to be some kind of half-carnie. To stir up old topics, Jason mentioned once that Barlow is related to 2 of the current residents of SC. It's kinda obvious that it's not Crystal because of all the romantical hints we've been getting thus far. Definitely not Turnip, because that's just wrong. Maybe Rebecca and Alex, but I'm sure if Barlow were really her son, she'd have told him by now. He might be related to Eliza, but I don't think we know all that much about her at the moment, so, ya. There's definitely the possibility of him being related to the Sheriff, after reading the current story, the man seems to have an attraction to a certain wood dwelling figure and he may have had such an encounter with the theorized marsh-dwelling carnie's. Therefore, Barlow could be a distant relative of Annabelle.

It might also explain why Barlow and Turnip are so buddy-buddy. After all, the Carnival folks were very good to the paper mammals. If there was any possibility that any of the Carnival folk survived after their mass exstinction and fled deep into the marsh as only they seemed to be able to do, then the paper mammals of the marsh may have gone with them and now they all live together in a happy carnie/paper mammal village and if Barlow is half-carnie, his carnie relative could have sent Turnip to guard Barlow or just the fact that the carnies were good to the paper mammals might explain the way Barlow treats Turnip and thus why they are friends.

Again, that is my theory, though annoying it may be. I think that there are definitely some things in the story and what few things we've been told by Jason himself that can support some of this.

Posted by elemental, 9:13pm, 18 Oct, 2006

What about Alistair bean and the other evil haunties? Or Possibly a lost exchange student from the exclusive University of Sprawling-Mossville? Another good choice could be one of Crystal's old flames searching the world to find her.....Or something else from the mysterious storage departments where the supplies are limited less but unexplained - - that could lead to a possible passageway either up to the moutain, to an underground city ,or just away from the city. It has always struck me as odd the fact that the characters always have new/fresh clothing......hmm......
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