The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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The Future of Spider Cliff

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Posted by athena54, 1:25pm, 5 Feb, 2006

I do wonder if there will be any more unexpected visitors coming to Spider Cliff; for example : "Crystal's" parents, family members, or even more humans that were turned around or lost.

By the way, I do believe that Rebecca and the sheriff will hook-up, but that is only due to the fact that were hints hidden in past chapters at a possible romance...

Posted by imp, 2:08pm, 24 Feb, 2006

It depends which sheriff you are referring to - remember that Turnip became sheriff on the Wednesday that Wasn't when Ed got stabbed.

Posted by smjjames, 2:17pm, 24 Feb, 2006

that was only a temporary thing because something was threatining them all and they don't really remember that day so it doesn't count.

Posted by imp, 2:54pm, 24 Feb, 2006

Still, I think "Ed" is less confusing than "sheriff." I wonder why everyone voted Turnip to be sheriff anyway? Was he the possessed one? I think he must have saved Ed's life, though, since they were so buddy buddy.

Posted by smjjames, 2:56pm, 24 Feb, 2006

it actually turns out that anabelle stabbed the sherriff at that time, so its likely he was possessed at the time. it was kind of an emergency situation anyway and I guess the resident demon hunter probably has powers to assign a new sherriff, so it was only natural that he would pick Turnip

Posted by imp, 10:11am, 1 Mar, 2006

Annabelle stabbed Ed? That doesn't make any sense - she would have used her hands.

Check Story 4 Chapter 16
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Posted by smjjames, 10:42am, 1 Mar, 2006

read the whole story :P it was kind of a special cirucmstance and Annabelle isn't exactly your typical zombie.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 3:57pm, 1 Mar, 2006

idk... i thought Alistair did that, and she said she did it to protect "the secret." i susuppose it could be both, though.

Posted by Deverien, 9:17pm, 1 Mar, 2006

Zombies don't attack with their hands unless they're trying to bite a person or eat a someone's sweet, sweet skull-goo.

Posted by imp, 11:37am, 2 Mar, 2006

That was rude, smjjames. I have read the whole story more than once.
You mentioned a special circumstance?

Posted by smjjames, 11:53am, 2 Mar, 2006

yea, sorry, sorta sounded like you hadn't read it that much. again I apologize. as for special circumstance, I meant the whole alistair bean possession deal.

Posted by imp, 1:01pm, 2 Mar, 2006

Well, the situation in which she claims to have stabbed Ed is one in which she has zero credibility. She was willing to say ANYTHING to incriminate herself. If they had asked her if she had stabbed Ed with a duck she would have said "yes, and a goose too."

So, discounting what she said under those circumstances, there is no evidence to support the suspicion that she stabbed him. Alistair does say that she surprised him, it's true, and I think we can take that to mean that she was able to get close to him by faking loyalty or love, but I think he would have been suspicious if she was holding a knife, especially since he knew zombies and so would also know that zombies don't use knives.

In short, I think that Annabelle would be smart enough not to risk using a knife when her hands would work just as well.
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