The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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The Future of Spider Cliff

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Posted by meserene, 10:26pm, 1 Feb, 2006

I like it small. Their personalities are more defined than if there were twenty characters. And too much mythical stuff would make Spider Cliff less mysterious, you know? With who knows what runnning rampant nothing would be suprising.

Besides, what if something (someONE) new were to come between one of our golden couples? I suppose I could allow a male botanist... :D

Posted by wonderles, 10:30am, 2 Feb, 2006

What if a stronger demon came and told Annabelle she could eat human brains?

Posted by Deverien, 1:18pm, 2 Feb, 2006

Technically, she's already eating human brains, so she wouldn't change anything. The real problem would be if said demon specifically ordered her to start eating the brains of the town's living residents.

Posted by featheredkitten, 8:31pm, 2 Feb, 2006

i could see a male botanist, it would balance everything nicely
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Posted by wonderles, 11:31am, 3 Feb, 2006

Yeah, I meant the towns-peoples brains. Technically she's just holding back because Crystal told her to. If she was allowed to, do you think she would?

Posted by anbusc, 12:57pm, 3 Feb, 2006

It seems like the idea of balance in this whole thing wouldn't allow for a male botanist. The demon is with the demon-hunter, and the zombie is with the antisupernatural zealot. The balance of the place would probably require Eliza to question her denial of the supernatural phenomena in Spider Cliff.

Posted by Kiriai, 10:02pm, 3 Feb, 2006

What about Eliza and a talking-paper mammel? :P

Posted by Deverien, 10:10pm, 3 Feb, 2006

That is quite possibly even more wrong than Alex and a zombie.

Posted by featheredkitten, 11:13pm, 3 Feb, 2006

wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more wrong turnip is an animal, she is a human......although, eliza and another zombie or demon would add a new level of humor....

Posted by Kiriai, 12:16am, 4 Feb, 2006

Actually I thought it would be much more amusing for a triangle between Barlow, Crystal and Eliza, add some drama.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 7:39pm, 4 Feb, 2006

yeah im sorry. the fact that annabelle is a zombie doesn't gross me out much, because she LOOKS like a rather pretty human girl who just happens to have a beautiful shade of pale-blue skin. but there's really no getting over the fact that turnip is an animal. i mean seriously. can you picture the two of them making out?
*shudders* i like the idea of everyone in s.c. being "paired off" but not if it resorts to illegal animal...ahem...relations.

Posted by Quarma, 9:34am, 5 Feb, 2006

Rebecca and the sheriff seem like the only reasonable couple, cause I mean, come on they're the oldest people in the entire Cliff and if nobody else comes than humans will be extinct on that Cliff!!!

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