The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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curiouser and curiouser about the matrimonials...

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Posted by Rognik, 11:18pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Taltamir is paraphrasing Eliza from the episode when Rebecca closes the pie vault and the 14 plants are stolen. If you ask her about the equipment, she says that she was trying to record the matrimonials migratory travel to other pots.

Posted by Kortren, 12:31am, 13 Oct, 2005

Regarding the motion sensor method, Eliza said her results were inconclusive, but she doesn't exactly say what information the sensor revealed. Still, at the end of that story, the walking plants theory seems to be the most logical explanation. Perhaps she's never arrived at a conclusion because she's always been so reluctant to believe in that theory.

Posted by taltamir, 12:41am, 13 Oct, 2005

I bet her things showed the plants getting up and leaving... and for her its inconclusive because she is sure someone replaced the footage with a computer generated footage :). She is probably looking for the "culprit" who is sabotaging her research at the moment. In fact, didn't she mention subotage of her research at some point?

Remember, she saw the zombies in the swamp yet refuses to beleive in them... And think annabelle and crystal are wearing costumes.

Barlow is the only one who has a truely scientific view of the matter. He insists that demons aren't real since they don't make sense... and the second he sees evidence to the contrary (the moving pearl) he realises that they are real and just accepts it as it is. That is a scientific view point, change your beleifs in a drop of a hat based on sound scientific evidence.
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Posted by imp, 2:19pm, 24 Feb, 2006

You may discount Turnip's comment, but I haven't seen him make other sarcastic comments like that. Eliza says that the motion detectors were placed *on* the matrimonials.

So it goes like this:
The matrimonial puts out spores or secrets a fluid that, to invisible paper mammals, is tasty. The invisible paper mammals scoop up the plant and transports it to another plant, directed by the plant.

The motion detector fails because, by the time the plant has been scooped up, the camera can't see the plant inside the invisible mammal.
The time-lapse shot fails because all that Eliza could possibly see is one frame where part of the plant seems strange, and then poof! by the next shot, it's gone.

Normally a matrimonial couldn't direct a paper mammal to do something strange like bumping off other plants, but the "Chosen" weren't normal matrimonials. Most just have basic instincts: "Take me to the nearest pink matrimonial, please."

They choose to live in the marsh because that is where the invisible paper mammals live.

Posted by smjjames, 2:27pm, 24 Feb, 2006

did you read the whole story? nice little theory though.

Posted by mackenzie, 9:24am, 30 Jun, 2007

If they have legs, do they shave them?
If so, do they use tiny little razors? (awww)
Perhaps they let them grow really hairy in winter to keep warm?
Do they wear shoes?
If so, do they wear high heels, or flat shoes?

Posted by Witchyhat, 9:06am, 15 Jul, 2007

You idiot! they use wax, didn't you know that? :)

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