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curiouser and curiouser about the matrimonials...

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curiouser and curiouser about the matrimonials...

Posted by smjjames, 1:09am, 29 Aug, 2005

One clue here is that Eliza was using video photography to try and capture their movements with various methods and she had nothing. This cancels out just about every theory of how they move, even with underground systems. So they only solution is that they magically poof to places, but even with time lapse she would have noticed em suddendly appear or dissapear, but she didnt say anything like that. She could do high speed photography if she hasn't already.

Jason, I'd like to see you figure out an answer to this one because that clue has eliminated any natural movements.

Actually I have a thought here, maybe there are spores of both sexes floating around and when one lands at an opposite sex, it germinates. Although I think Eliza would have noticed that.

Posted by rora123, 1:18am, 29 Aug, 2005

that doesnt explain why the female was in the alley....why would it transport there when there is no mate?.....

i noticed that when it was nailed was completely out of the pot so only the roots were connected and it was a little bit off the ground maybe the thing floats? flies? im not sure...the actual plant has to move to the other pot and situate itself in there so it cant be spores

Posted by smjjames, 1:24am, 29 Aug, 2005

Thats why I asked Jason to try and explain a solution outta that clue.

As for the plant that was nailed up, it's entirely possible Rebeccas female plant was put there as her pot was already knocked over.

Posted by rora123, 1:07am, 30 Aug, 2005

interesting new information about the apart they take too much nutrients in the soil but it is better if they are paired maybe somebody is trying to stop that so the matrimonials can destroy the soil

Posted by smjjames, 1:12am, 30 Aug, 2005

ok, but what would be the reasoning behind that? what would be accomplished with the soil bieng sucked of nutrients?

This sorta makes them sound like Fungi as they are taking alot of nutrients.

Posted by rubyj, 8:13am, 2 Sep, 2005

If you remember in the first story. Turnip told Chrystal that some of "us" can't be seen. He probbably said it more cryptically but I think I got the gist of it. Could they be transporting them or was he talking about something else like a ghost?

Posted by smjjames, 10:59am, 2 Sep, 2005

no I don't remember that.

Posted by eeyore, 4:26pm, 2 Sep, 2005

I think he actually meant that many people cannot see paper mammals; but I could be wrong.

Posted by smjjames, 5:06pm, 2 Sep, 2005

I read it and I think he was joking about it because Crystal thought she was seeing things.

Posted by Hakura0, 7:42pm, 2 Sep, 2005

Wasn't sure where to post this thought, but it has to do with Matrimonials, so I figured this might be a good place.

How did the 'Chosen' Matrimonials know they had to stay put? Couldn't they have just as easily migrated to the other plants? Or someone's plant could have ended up going after another person's chosen plant. It's just a thought. Anyone have any ideas regarding it?

Posted by taltamir, 9:22pm, 6 Oct, 2005

She said she was using time lapse, motion detectors, etc.

But never mentioned actually RECORDING in read time for many hours in a row. That would be quite a feath since most single tapes can only hold up to 2 hours even on extended play (low quality).

So basically, they move FAST, and between shots. how? thats a mystery for another day

Posted by Kortren, 9:53pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Can anyone tell me on what story/chapter does Eliza talk about those surveillance methods? In chapter 7 of The Third Vault, she still mentions the theories about the walking plants and the paper mammals. Was it before or after this?

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