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Fan Art Thread!

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Fan Art Thread!

Posted by little inu, 8:02pm, 25 Jan, 2006

im starting a fan art thread...i wonder if there is one already....i think the turnip by little inu is really bad...!

Er...there is one

Posted by ado01, 8:08pm, 25 Jan, 2006

Yes it is really did it in paint! I know you can do better than that...I've seen your pics, they're a whole lot better!( Do one of crystal*hinthint*)

Posted by little inu, 8:09pm, 25 Jan, 2006

hmm..hmm..dum dee tree lala!!

Posted by little inu, 8:09pm, 25 Jan, 2006

with big boobs, small waist, and large hips? well i guess i going to right now!

Posted by little inu, 8:10pm, 25 Jan, 2006

heh heh...

Posted by little inu, 8:11pm, 25 Jan, 2006

going to the bathroom

...i document my every move

Er...thats not what I meant

Posted by ado01, 8:11pm, 25 Jan, 2006

Ok, go ahead fine with meh.

Posted by little inu, 8:15pm, 25 Jan, 2006


the toilet water is blue!


now its green

now brown!
gosh, i never knew the toilet bowl could be such an array of colors!!


Posted by ado01, 8:16pm, 25 Jan, 2006

That's disgusting.

Posted by little inu, 8:16pm, 25 Jan, 2006

im going to paint a barlow

but i think he needs a change of clothes...surely they must stink by now! even alex changed once!

Posted by little inu, 8:17pm, 25 Jan, 2006

what shall he wear....shall he look like a smexy swimsuit model? in a string bikini...aww, yuck i have a vision!!!

Posted by ado01, 8:18pm, 25 Jan, 2006

You can't make Barlow that way! But think...his matrimonials....

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