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Etiquette for Story Discussions

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Etiquette for Story Discussions

Posted by Kiriai, 11:16pm, 22 Jan, 2006

What are the general rules for these. Obviously, they are a way for people to share thier insight into a chapter and solve the mysteries together.

But what I don't know is whats appropriate once you know the solution. There were guess all along, but once you know you have the correct solution, what is the proper thing? Post it or keep it to yourself? (And then how do you know if its right?)

Is it assumed that if you read the thread, someone might have posted the answer, or is it to work together until you have the answer, then stop helping so others can get it on their own too?

Posted by jasonblue, 11:44pm, 22 Jan, 2006

Kiriai, your question is quite appropriate, as YOU are the one who submitted the correct guess (you are hereby notified). I don't find anyone dropping hints in a discussion thread, but I hope that it would be the main discussion for the story (not a chapter discussion) and it would be cool if things were put in [ spolier] spoiler [ /spoiler] tags to give others a chance to decide what to see. Of course, that's just a suggestion.

In general, I have one written rule, and one unwritten rule. The written rule is this: if I see a critical spoiler in the shoutbox, I will delete it forthwith. But I don't mind it in these discussions.

My one unwritten rule is this:

Posted by Super 5, 11:54pm, 22 Jan, 2006

very funny Jason

Posted by Kiriai, 12:38am, 23 Jan, 2006

Thats amusing. ;)

Thanks. I knew that I got it once I found your clue in the last chapter, but I didn't know if it was inappropriate to share. I figured I should ask. Thanks for the clarification.


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