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Posted by Shadow, 9:24am, 30 Sep, 2005

Here's a question I don't think I have seen answered (but it's early, I've had no coffee, and I'm home sick), and it may be moot at this point...BUT...did we ever find out who Crystal's "client" was at the beginning of chapter 1? I remember that she stated that she was sent on a mission to destroy the town and her "client" seemed to know that everyone met in the diner, so it seems to have been someone with previous knowledge. Any thoughts?

Posted by smjjames, 10:11am, 30 Sep, 2005

I think it was either Rebecca or Sherriff (forget which one) because they needed to lure a weak demon for some wierd gadget to work. Also because Sherriff wanted to balance things out with one demon and one demon hunter in town.
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Posted by jasonblue, 10:18am, 30 Sep, 2005

It could have been Rebecca or the sheriff... or it could be someone we haven't met yet. I won't deny that there's a long slow-boiling storyline building throughout the stories. Details won't emerge any time soon.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 6:44pm, 30 Sep, 2005

I have a couple questions if answering them wouldn't spoil anything; first, is Annabelle's actual spirit in her body, or is she just a zombie that's intelligent enough to remember it's former life? Second, she doesn't appear to have decayed/rotted at all (like a typical zombie). Is this because it fits the art style and isn't gruesome, or is she actually physically intact?

Posted by smjjames, 8:48pm, 30 Sep, 2005

its probably more to keep the rating down to pg 13. Of course though, with the right conditions in the marsh, she may not have decayed at all in the 100 years since her death.
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Posted by smjjames, 11:17am, 2 Nov, 2005

well, I think its time for a few more unanswered questions.

What is going on with the paper mammals? (although we might find out today)

We never really found out who Barlow is supposed to be related to. although Eliza is a possibility as a distant cousin.

Are we ever going to see this paper mammal village? :)

Posted by Deverien, 11:08pm, 2 Nov, 2005

In reply to the Annabelle topic:

It IS pretty funny that the person with the best hair in Spider Cliff is the town's sole undead resident.

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