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Posted by smjjames, 10:50pm, 1 Sep, 2005

Also, Jason, if you read this (I'm sure you do :) ), I have an idea for a later story or something you can integrate into later stories. Maybe you could have Turnip discover his ancestors, perhaps Kibbles is related to him :)

Posted by hookman, 3:27am, 2 Sep, 2005

Ok Who is kibbles i think he was in the story but i cant exactly remember anything about him.

Posted by veni, 1:28pm, 7 Sep, 2005

so what was the question that the sheriff wanted to ask?

did it ever get asked?


Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 1:32pm, 7 Sep, 2005

IRT veni:

Yep. You're able to ask the question in the latest chapter.

Posted by veni, 3:16pm, 8 Sep, 2005

really, when? I've replayed it several time and I still don't know what the sheriff ment by don't t or what question he wanted to ask

Posted by venusEnvy, 7:54pm, 8 Sep, 2005

Wellll I'm not certain someone suffering a concussion would be all that coherent, but he was supposed to be writing "Don't take any wooden nickels." The nickels, of course, no longer existed in nickel form, but in mulch form, so NOT taking them might not be such a problem, though that's not the point. It was supposed to alert Crystal to inquire something of Annabelle.

And yes, I am a stickler. There are still too many ignored and underexplained things for me to be satisfied with this outcome. (But I loves me some jasonblue!)

Posted by vicky, 3:14am, 9 Sep, 2005

Just wondering... didn't the sheriff say the money was in coins so they WOULDN'T decompose in chapter three? Didn't he renember they were wooden.

Posted by Manar, 3:55am, 9 Sep, 2005

This phrase "Don't take any wooden nickels" is that some kind of english expression ? Because i have never heard it before and i do not see how anyone could ever figure it out from "dont t"

Posted by vicky, 8:25am, 9 Sep, 2005

Yes, it means you should only accept real money, or something like that.
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Posted by venusEnvy, 9:01am, 9 Sep, 2005

Vicky, your point about the sheriff's comments in chapter three is very valid, and one of many that I have listed, should jasonblue wish to hear our concerns. And it is a distinctly American phrase and phenomenon, so it is rather unfair to those trying to solve the mystery abroad.

"Don't take any Wooden Nickels" takes its roots (pun intended) from the wooden nickels used at American state fairs and centennials. These wooden coins were often used all over town during the fair, since everyone knew they could go spend them at the fair. During the last few days of the fair people would stop accepting wooden money in town because they might not get a chance to cash them in before the fair ended -- thus the phrase.

Posted by jasonblue, 9:45am, 9 Sep, 2005

Of course I care about your concerns, venus. I'll get those unanswered questions sorted out eventually.

The wooden nickel thing is definately english colloquial, particularly from US and Canada where nickels are still in circulation (FYI an actual nickel is $0.05, just enough to buy... absolutely nothing!) I DID worry that it was too obscure for the mostly international audience, and I hoped that the other clues were enough to get everyone through.

Posted by smjjames, 10:13am, 9 Sep, 2005

Well, the next mystery seems like it might have some sort of science tied into it, maybe a little forensics (thats crime solving and detective work to the younger audience), or Archaeology.

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