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Unanswered questions

Posted by hookman, 4:53am, 28 Aug, 2005

OK!There are loads of things I want to ask about spider cliff so I was thinking people could put questions on here that they want answered.
My question is:What happened to all the people in spider cliff?It seems there used to be loads but now theres none left.

Posted by Manar, 11:02am, 28 Aug, 2005

They left for the big city. Spider Cliff had an industrial boom 70 years ago or so, that is when the industry and the most of the shop was built. When times got tougher they left for the neighbouring town of Sprawling-Mossville untill only Rebecca, Alex, Barlow and the sheriff was left. Barlow wanted to leave too but was caught when the bridge got sabotaged. The shop owners left their shops open on an honour system but nowdays everyone seem to have forgotten about them. Most of the unocupied houses are falling apart anyway.

Posted by jasonblue, 12:04pm, 28 Aug, 2005

That's exactly right! There are, of course, certain reasons why Spider Cliff is so hard to get back to, which will be addressed later on in the series (much later). Only 2 people in 20 years were able to find the town (and undoubtably we'll find out what the connection is, but that's a story for another time).

Heck, there's gotta be a million loose ends and unresolved things in the series. Crystal's first name is a sterling example. I'd LOVE to know what's missing, unaddressed, or not covered to your satisfaction. And I'll do whatever I can to get those questions answered, not just here but in the series itself.

Posted by rora123, 4:55pm, 28 Aug, 2005

oo! i want to know where jason got the ideas for all his characters anyway...some of them....i mean come on a paperbag mammal?circus brain eating zombies?...

that must be some imagination he's got there

Posted by smjjames, 5:28pm, 28 Aug, 2005

yea, and what was the Circus War all about? Although the clues that are scattered about kinda say that the why is forgotten or is not clear. However with this chapter, things are hinting that the Circus War may have had something to do with the plants and animals of the marsh since the Circus people allegedly saved them and the people of Spider Cliff were exploiting them. It also seems like economy may have had a part since the Circus people had thier own coinage and Spider Cliff wouldn't accept it.

However going to war over differences in currency is not a very good reason to do so, whether real or fictional.

Oh yea, will Crystal or anybody find out what is blocking or dulling her demon senses? You could make that a topic of a later story Jason.

I hope the next chapter is released later tonight if possible :)

Posted by smjjames, 3:01am, 31 Aug, 2005

how about these two questions, I know I put em in the story 5 discussion, but its your story Jason, so you may have your own answer to em:

Was Arabelle origionally from the Circus or the town? I don't remember if this was established or not.

Also, anybody know if Anabelle lived to see the end of the circus war? I know it started in 1896, or maybe thats when it ended. If she lived to the end of it.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 4:26pm, 31 Aug, 2005

Crystal's demon senses are probably blocked by the urn, since it also makes the town nearly invisible to demons, and hard to find for humans (I think). It's recently becoming clear that Spider Cliff was the aggressor in the Circus War, though to what extent and for what motive is still uncertain, even now that the money has been revealed as a spoil of war. And I'm not sure but I think Alistair killed Annabelle during the Circus War, or sometime shortly before it. Loose ends that I can think of are Kibbles the paper mammal doctor, matrimonials, the supernatural forest, Barlow's origin (which I am sure will prove interesting, given what hints we've been given about it), and, of course, plot-related questions such as When (if ever) the residents of Spider Cliff will convince Eliza of the existence of the supernatural, When will Barlow and Crystal admit their feelings for each other (shortly after Barlow learns about Wednesday night and Crystal remembers it), and most recently, Are Alex and Annabelle a secondary romance, or is he too set in his ways?

Posted by smjjames, 6:04pm, 31 Aug, 2005

Alex is too set in his ways kinda and we can't really tell if there is a romantic relationship right now since Annabelle has only been here since the last story.

Which story does Kibbles the paper mammal doctor come up in?

I wonder if maybe Kibbles is related to turnip. since its clear that these paper mammals live for quite a while (turnip and barlow have known each other when they were quite young and turnip at this point doesnt show signs of aging), maybe 30 or 40 years. If Kibbles isn't turnips great, great, grandfather, its possible he could be a great great granduncle or something.
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Posted by i8hack, 11:26am, 1 Sep, 2005

Here's an idea. Could the thing blocking Crystal's demon senses be Barlow. We know he comes from the marshes and was taken in by Aunt Vedalia. With all the other mystical stuff happening around Spider Cliff he could be something that even he doesn't know about yet. Just a little pondering to get me by til tomorrow.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 12:59pm, 1 Sep, 2005

Well, I think the doctor's office Crystal went to in Purple Chickaree was run by someone named Kibbles, and then in The Wednesday one of the original 'keepers' was a paper mammal named Kibbles. So it would seem (unless I have massively screwed up, I have been too busy lately to go back and check) that not only was there an intelligent paper mammal long before turnip, but that he was so intelligent and respected that he was the towns doctor. Or it could just be an accidental coincidence that they have the same name, only time (or maybe Jason) will tell.

Posted by venusEnvy, 1:08pm, 1 Sep, 2005

Hmm, has the life expectancy of paper mammals been established? In 1910, Kibbles wasn't listed as "Dr." on the photo, and yet we know Dr. Kibbles practiced as late as 30 Aug 1951. Isn't that the same year that Arabelle died? Interesting. I wonder why so many pertinent things happened in that year.
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Posted by smjjames, 9:39pm, 1 Sep, 2005

I'm looking through the chapters and I found that the doctor's name is Dr. K. Sawbones in the 20s. Sherrif said that he never met him (he died some time after the sherrif was born, in the 50s, probably only a few years or less after sherrif was born), but heard he was a great doctor.

Also, one clue in the office is that theres no chairs, a paper mammal wouldn't need chairs.

venusEnvy, which picture are you talking about? if you mean the one in the bean family study, its actually from 1947, and since there was a phonographone (the device in the doc's office) entry from 1941. So maybe that was a more casual than formal titling.

Found the picture Venus meant by the 1910 one. Yes there is a paper mammal named Kibbles. I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be two paper mammals with the same name, even if thier life span was 30 years. Although the paper mammal looks kind of young, like Turnip, and actually looks sorta like him. So if the paper mammal in the pic was young, maybe in his teens, he would have been born in the 1890s, and he would have been in his 60s when he died around 1951.

Since the paper mammals seemingly have around the same life span of humans and live to thier 50's and 60's or maybe 40s for those that live further out in the wilds, its entirely possible for Kibbles to have been Turnips great-grandfather or a great-granduncle. Even though Turnip didn't recognize the picture, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what his great-grandfather looked like, if he even heard about Dr. Kibbles.
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