The Spider Cliff Mysteries

The series so far...

1. Bridging the Gap

Barlow and Crystal must team up to figure out who destroyed the bridge. But who can they trust? And can they even trust each other?

 1. Evil comes to town
A wandering demon plans to destroy the sleepy town of Spider Cliff
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 2. The boy from nowhere
Barlow has been ready to leave Spider Cliff since the day he was born...
24 Jun 044  
 3. Unnecessary complications
Fearing that she's walked into a trap, our intrepid demon carefully charts her next move.
25 Jun 043  
 4. Fate, thy name is… uh…
With no way out of town and a demon-hunter nearby, our demon will have to think fast to stay ahead of the game.
6 Jun 044  
 5. Barlow's all-purpose professional-grade angst
Barlow stands at the edge of the precipice where the bridge once stood, his plans smashed.
8 Jul 043  
 6. Crystal's imaginary friend
While trying to plan her next move, Crystal is confronted by the last thing she ever expected. Is it real?
12 Jul 043  
 7. The partnership of last resort
Crystal needs help if she's going to survive in Spider Cliff, and the only logical partner is the one person who could destroy her.
14 Jul 043  
 8. How to conduct a discreet investigation
Barlow and Crystal look to the Revolving Spider Diner for clues to the mystery.
16 Jul 043  
 9. Interviewing the Sheriff
Crystal tries to throw the Sheriff off-balance to uncover more clues.
23 Jul 043  
 10. Barlow finds a new direction
Unhappy with his previous conversation, Barlow tries to extract more information from Rebecca.
5 Aug 043  
 11. Secrets and Plans
Crystal senses that Barlow is holding something back, but she has her own agenda and secrets to keep.
9 Aug 044  
 12. The combination of random objects
Barlow's investigations bring him to storage bay twelve, and possibly a way to leave town.
12 Aug 043  
 13. Delivered on a platter
Crystal has a choice… find the guilty person or continue her mission to destroy the town
13 Aug 044  
 14. A discovery of mythic proportions
Barlow gets ready to leave, this time for real and nothing is going to stop him.
16 Aug 043  
 15. Making preparations
Crystal gets ready to double-cross Barlow and destroy Spider Cliff. As usual.
20 Aug 043  
 16. Missed opportunities
Barlow and Crystal each had plans for the evening. So why didn't anything happen?
22 Aug 043  
 17. An interrogation
Help Crystal get to the bottom of this case. Your choices determine whether she or Barlow figures it all out.
23 Aug 040  
 18. The truth at last
Barlow and Crystal find the last pieces of the puzzle.
26 Aug 040  
 19. Time to join the winning team
Barlow has some sort of complicated plan to save the day. Help him accomplish his goal.
27 Aug 040  
 20. Puppet show
Crystal needs to keep the Sheriff distracted and at bay until Barlow does whatever it is he needs to do.
30 Aug 040  
 21. Finale... Repeat performance
The Sheriff is defeated... but Crystal finds herself in the same situation.
1 Sep 040  

2. The Mayor Misplaced

Spider Cliff is rocked by a theft that threatens the safety of the town, and turns everyone against Crystal.

 1. The new paradigm
Barlow comes to terms with the effects of his decisions.
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 2. Just and proper punishment
Crystal looks into the legal procedures for staying in town.
6 Sep 043  
 3. The botanist
Crystal goes looking for signatures for her residency form.
8 Sep 043  
 4. The choices we live with
Barlow plans to finally get some sleep.
13 Sep 042  
 5. Rough Morning
Barlow comes home after a long night killing zombies.
14 Sep 043  
 6. Catching up on the plot
Crystal joins a meeting, already in progress.
22 Sep 044  
 7. Barlow's secret orders
As he heads off to dreamland, Barlow is stopped by Alex and the Sheriff.
23 Sep 044  
 8. Vedalia speaks up
Crystal looks for a direction in her investigation.
27 Sep 042  
 9. A rational motive
Crystal tries to get information out of Eliza.
29 Sep 043  
 10. Self-discovery
Barlow's lack of sleep catches up with him.
1 Oct 042  
 11. Background Information
Crystal tries to recruit Barlow to help her.
4 Oct 043  
 12. The diversion
Barlow tries to lure Eliza away from her campsite.
6 Oct 040  
 13. the chocolate skull mystery
Crystal searches through Eliza's belongings for the missing urn.
7 Oct 043  
 14. The other half of the story
Rebecca discusses her place in Spider Cliff.
11 Oct 045  
 15. Dwindling options
Crystal discusses her options with a sympathetic mammal.
13 Oct 043  
 16. en passant
Barlow prepares for his unpleasant task.
15 Oct 042  
 17. Parlor Games
Barlow and Crystal meet up for the big confrontation.
18 Oct 041  
 18. Finale
Barlow and Crystal meet up at the scene of the crime.
20 Oct 040  
 19. Dispensing Justice
The methods and motives are explained, and the guilty party is punished.
22 Oct 040  

3. Curse of the Purple Chickaree

Barlow, Crystal, and the others embark on a quest to lift a deadly curse.

 1. Making plans for the walking dead
Another quiet day in the Revolving Spider Diner.
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 2. Competition for resources
Barlow comes to terms with sharing his personal space.
27 Oct 042  
 3. Bring your bric-a-brac to work day
Crystal learns some interesting things about her new curio.
29 Oct 043  
 4. Harvest of zombies
Barlow checks on the zombies in the marsh.
1 Nov 043  
 5. Subterranean bookworm blues
Crystal tries to bring a little music into the house.
3 Nov 042  
 6. Just a phase
Barlow wakes to find something unexpected.
5 Nov 043  
 7. How to identify a curse
Barlow looks for answers to the curse dilemma
8 Nov 043  
 8. The Great Chickaree Invasion
Alex reveals more information on Barlow's curse.
10 Nov 043  
 9. Medical advice
Barlow seeks medical advice on his physical transformation.
12 Nov 042  
 10. Responsibility
Barlow wanders into various realizations.
15 Nov 043  
 11. Shipwreck on the Isle of Barlow
Crystal happens to find Barlow in a bit of a quandary
17 Nov 043  
 12. Objective facts and tangible clues
Barlow checks up on things in the diner.
19 Nov 043  
 13. A second opinion
Crystal discovers a break in the case.
22 Nov 042  
 14. A reliable witness
Turnip reports back to Barlow.
24 Nov 042  
 15. Conflicting schedules
Crystal prepares to embark on her quest.
26 Nov 044  
 16. Dedication to the quest I
Crystal and the others explore the past for clue to the curse.
29 Nov 041  
 17. What is a Bean?
Barlow looks for answers in his childhood home.
1 Dec 041  
 18. Dedication to the quest II
Crystal and Alex proceed further into the office of Dr Sawbones.
3 Dec 043  
 19. Dedication to the quest III
Crystal reaches the final threshold in her quest.
6 Dec 042  
 20. The innermost circle
Barlow and Turnip explore the private Bean family study.
8 Dec 042  
 21. Sprint to the finish
Barlow and Turnip return from a pointless journey.
10 Dec 042  
 22. Into Oblivion
Crystal looks for a way to make up for losing the cure
13 Dec 043  
 23. The end of the quest
Crystal and Turnip explore the woods.
15 Dec 042  
 24. Waiting for a rescue
Barlow takes advantage of some quiet time.
17 Dec 041  
 25. Sharing the peril
Crystal and Turnip look for a way to leave the woods
20 Dec 043  
 26. Epilogue, a curse broken
Crystal returns to heal Barlow
24 Dec 041  

4. The Wednesday that Wasn't

The Spider Cliff residents try to figure out why Tuesday was immediately followed by Thursday.

 1. A good day to do nothing
Barlow looks forward to a day of loafing around.
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 2. Looking for answers
Barlow examines the scene of a potential invasion.
6 Jan 052  
 3. Things that are not butterscotch
Crystal uncovers some malicious intentions.
17 Jan 053  
 4. Secret archives and dangerous toys
Barlow's investigation leads him to a closely-guarded secret.
20 Jan 053  
 5. Conversation with a dead girl
Crystal meets a new arrival
24 Jan 053  
 6. When secrets are general knowledge
Crystal tries to keep her new friend a secret
26 Jan 053  
 7. Things we do for friends
Crystal resolves to keep the enemies apart for now.
28 Jan 052  
 8. A day is lost
Barlow is thrown into another mystery
31 Jan 053  
 9. Death, be not so uncooperative
Crystal learns that someone remembers Wednesday.
2 Feb 054  
 10. Little things left behind
Barlow discovers more clues to the missing day
5 Feb 054  
 11. The search for an actual crime
The sheriff offers a surprising twist in the mystery.
7 Feb 052  
 12. Hiding out in the past
Barlow searches the Secret Archives for... secrets.
9 Feb 053  
 13. Terrifying secret of the ghost pie
Crystal tries to get out of her shift at work.
11 Feb 052  
 14. The poison tongue of Beatrice Sluggmosse
Barlow looks for answers amongst the dead.
14 Feb 053  
 15. The suspect steps forward
Crystal finds a new hiding place for Annabelle.
16 Feb 053  
 16. The mystery is completely solved
Crystal tries to clear Annabelle of wrongdoing.
18 Feb 053  
 17. A surprising find
Barlow takes a lesson in safe-cracking
28 Feb 052  
 18. The keepers of the secret
Barlow and the gang discuss the latest photographic find
2 Mar 053  
 19. One clue too many
Crystal visits Annabelle's jail cell
7 Mar 054  
 20. Hidden Messages
Barlow sees the mystery in a new light
9 Mar 053  
 21. The door is opened
Crystal follows Barlow into a dark, quiet place.
11 Mar 053  
 22. The Secret Weapon
Barlow and Crystal uncover a super-huge secret
14 Mar 054  
 23. Bad Vibes
Barlow tries to explain what he and Crystal discovered.
16 Mar 052  
 24. Tripping up
Crystal has to get Barlow out of trouble... yet again.
18 Mar 052  
 25. Finding a likely suspect
Barlow and Crystal ponder their next moves
24 Mar 052  
 26. Both sides of the argument
Barlow and Crystal look for a missing zombie
25 Mar 052  
 27. Grave Discovery
Crystal and Rebecca investigate Alistair Bean's tomb.
4 Apr 052  
 28. The last threshold
Barlow and Alex track down their foe.
6 Apr 051  
 29. How truth was lost
Barlow faces his newest nemesis
8 Apr 054  
 30. That which pulls the strings
Crystal does what she can to help Barlow
11 Apr 050  
 31. Epilogue... regarding Annabelle
Barlow sorts out various loose ends
15 Apr 050  
 32. Epilogue 2... moving day
Crystal looks for a new abode.
16 Apr 050  

5. The Third Vault

Who is so desperate to win the contest that they would be resort to sabotage?

 1. Regression in the House of Bean
Barlow and the others explore their new environment
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 2. Emerging from darkness
Crystal checks that Annabelle is adjusting to Spider Cliff.
27 Apr 053  
 3. The evils of currency
Crystal asks for a proper paycheck.
29 Apr 054  
 4. Inflationary pressures
Barlow fights a raise in the prices at the diner.
2 May 053  
 5. Arabelle and Annabelle
Crystal learns more about the upcoming festivities.
4 May 053  
 6. The age-old question of pies vs. principles
Barlow resists joining the upcoming festival.
6 May 052  
 7. Botany and its rules
Barlow runs into preparations for the festival
23 May 053  
 8. Brainy snacks not included
Crystal and Annabelle prepare for the bonfire
25 May 054  
 9. Strange incident at the bonfire.
The festival gets underway.
27 May 052  
 10. Evil creatures not welcome
Crystal and Annabelle mingle with the festival-goers
27 Jun 051  
 11. Adventures in crisis management
Barlow negotiates for a solution to the mammal-trapping issue
29 Jun 053  
 12. The undeniable truth, in pamphlet form
More information emerges about the origins of the festival
1 Jul 053  
 13. The horticultural lifestyle
Crystal greets her pair of matrimonials
6 Jul 052  
 14. Happy plants
Barlow tries to find ways to avoid an embarrassing situation
8 Jul 053  
 15. The old maid
Who is the first to drop out of the contest?
11 Jul 054  
 16. The cost of a green thumb
Crystal looks for some gardening tips.
13 Jul 052  
 17. The grisly discovery of vegetable remains
Barlow decides to search for a criminal mastermind
15 Jul 053  
 18. Self-service banking
Things just got a whole lot more complicated
18 Jul 054  
 19. Inexplicable motives
Barlow is determined to prove that someone is killing the plants.
1 Aug 052  
 20. Setting priorities
Crystal finds a pest is preventing her from her mission.
3 Aug 052  
 21. The trapping set
Crystal meets the participants of the trapping contest
5 Aug 053  
 22. A sweet poison
Barlow finds more proof of a possible crime
8 Aug 053  
 23. Where to invest stolen money
The sheriff knows where the money is being kept.
10 Aug 053  
 24. Turnip and the mysterious note
Barlow finds something in the attic
12 Aug 053  
 25. An early solution
Crystal prepares to catch the thief
15 Aug 053  
 26. The security of a small compartment
Barlow finds a comfortable spot to think things over
19 Aug 052  
 27. Surveillance results
Crystal and Annabelle watch over the safe.
22 Aug 053  
 28. No more surprises
Crystal tries to coax Barlow into helping her.
24 Aug 053  
 29. The missing corpse
Barlow investigates an open grave
26 Aug 053  
 30. Memories unlocked
Alex reveals the true origin of the festival
29 Aug 053  
 31. The harsh truth
Crystal finally tells Rebecca about the robbery
31 Aug 053  
 32. The safe is opened
The winner of the contest is announced
2 Sep 052  
 33. Connecting the crimes
Barlow and the other find one more random crime
5 Sep 053  
 34. That one question
Crystal and Barlow race to find the solution to the mystery
7 Sep 051  

6. Mrs. McGuffin's Corpse

Barlow accidentally uncovers a recent unsolved murder.

 1. Too many graves
An interesting fact is revealed about the cemetery
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 2. The cynic
Crystal and Annabelle look for the right tool for the job
19 Sep 052  
 3. Meeting Mrs. McGuffin
Barlow's graverobbing yields something surprising
21 Sep 053  
 4. The Autopsy
Eliza performs a post-mortem on the recently-discovered skeleton
23 Sep 054  
 5. No reason to help
Everyone wants Barlow on the case, with the exception of Barlow
26 Sep 054  
 6. The oracle
Crystal receives a mysterious and threatening prediction
28 Sep 053  
 7. Does anything change?
Barlow begins looking for clues
3 Oct 053  
 8. A history of dogs
Barlow picks up some new information from Alex
5 Oct 054  
 9. Twelve Tasks
Crystal learns how demons should behave
10 Oct 053  
 10. Something stinks in Spider Cliff
Crystal attacks her first task
17 Oct 053  
 11. Determination and predetermination
Barlow finds Crystal in a doubtful mood
19 Oct 052  
 12. Flying accusations
Crystal and the others become concerned over Rebecca's disappearance
21 Oct 051  
 13. The search party
A late-night search turns up nothing.
24 Oct 052  
 14. Picking up the trail
Crystal finds more information on where Rebecca went to
26 Oct 055  
 15. The greenest clue
Barlow and Crystal race for the solution to the mystery
28 Oct 055  
 16. The axis understood
Rebecca's disappearance is finally solved
31 Oct 053  

7. Case of the Camera Obscura

Various objects are disappearing all over town, and an incriminating photo has gone missing

 1. A camera-shy thief
Barlow is pulled into a new investigation
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 2. Division between the living and the dead
Crystal finds that not everybody is getting along
7 Nov 054  
 3. The dark chamber
Crystal investigates the scene of a crime
11 Nov 056  
 4. Five after two
Annabelle provides a very informative photgraph
14 Nov 055  
 5. The view from the alley
Crystal gets some airy answers from a floating mammal
17 Nov 055  
 6. Eliza's story
Eliza reports on yet another mysterious happening
21 Nov 056  
 7. Suspect in custody
A prime suspect emerges in the investigation
23 Nov 053  
 8. In defense of paper
Turnip finds a champion to clear his name
30 Nov 055  
 9. Out of the loop
Someone seems to be falling a bit behind
2 Dec 054  
 10. Stolen items on display
Crystal looks for answers in the marsh, but finds them somewhere else
4 Dec 055  
 11. Profit motive
Alex offers some interesting details without knowing it
7 Dec 054  
 12. A clue walks in
Barlow starts to unravel the loose threads in the case
16 Dec 053  
 13. What the sheriff saw
A slight problem with the timing of the crimes is uncovered
4 Jan 065  
 14. The shortest route to the truth
Crystal explores the motives of the prime suspects
6 Jan 064  
 15. Three questions
Barlow must decide how to ask his remaining questions
11 Jan 064  
 16. The confidence game
Crystal decides on who she can trust
18 Jan 062  
 17. End of the line
Barlow presents a sensible solution to the crime.
20 Jan 065  
 18. A zombie heart is already broken
Crystal digs deeper into a relationship gone sour
23 Jan 063  
 19. How trust is lost
Crystal confronts the real culprit
25 Jan 063  
 20. Elements of treasure-hunting
Barlow and Crystal examine some ill-gotten artifacts
1 Feb 063  
 21. Windows into secret places
Barlow and Crystal get one step closer to the goal
3 Feb 062  
 22. The doors are opened
Our heroes go deeper into the unknown
6 Feb 060  
 23. Unstable foundations
The actual nature of the treasure is revealed
8 Feb 063  
 24. Secrets of the setting sun
Our heroes bask in the glow of the treasure
24 Feb 063  

8. The Gondola Cypher

Who can break the code before another innocent person dies?

 1. The allure of the living
Annabelle tries to attract her mate
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 2. The first code and the code of conduct
Alex and Barlow conspire against another conspiracy
8 Mar 061  
 3. Geology under suspicion
Barlow investigates near the edge of nowhere
15 Mar 064  
 4. Mushrooming schemes
Plans are made for venturing into the woods
17 Mar 064  
 5. When the poison is also the cure
Alex and Barlow find a solution to their little problem
20 Mar 063  
 6. Rendezvous in a secluded setting
Crystal and Annabelle go for a walk in the woods
27 Mar 062  
 7. Mandrake, and a bit more
The gang make an unexpected find
29 Mar 062  
 8. Eternally in transit
Barlow finds a very late passenger
5 Apr 063  
 9. Great feats of engineering
A big catch is pulled in
10 Apr 064  
 10. A difficult combination
Crystal looks for the recipe for romance
12 Apr 063  
 11. Plans for escape
Plans are being made in the local gondola station
14 Apr 062  
 12. A surprising development
Crystal discovers another layer to the mystery
5 May 063  
 13. What Elkwood would want
Barlow tries to sway some last-minute voters
8 May 063  
 14. Secrets of the dead
The sheriff marks Crystal as a possible suspect
15 May 064  
 15. Documentation lost
Barlow and Alex share their differing perspectives
17 May 063  
 16. The code returns
Barlow's list of suspects keeps expanding
19 May 064  
 17. Unwelcome channels
Crystal makes a new enemy
26 May 063  
 18. Hints of things to come
Crystal and Annabelle seek out the oracle
1 Jun 064  
 19. Vedalia's Little Secret
The oracle's clue leads to a startling discovery
21 Jun 065  
 20. The study session
Crystal and Annabelle search for a lost recipe
23 Jun 065  
 21. The legend of Hatchetpaws
Barlow and Alex craft a trap to catch their nemesis
28 Jun 062  
 22. Pastry of Love
Annabelle puts her plan into motion
14 Aug 063  
 23. The false message
Barlow lures his suspect into a trap
16 Aug 063  
 24. The living, the loving, and the dead
Annabelle's plot hits a surprising snag
21 Aug 063  
 25. The switch
Why isn't the investigation progressing?
23 Aug 063