The Spider Cliff Mysteries

The Spider Cliff Mysteries
   ▷ Story 3: Curse of the Purple Chickaree
      ▷ Chapter 23: The end of the quest

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Transcript of this chapter:

General information on The Spider Cliff Mysteries

To fully enjoy this mystery series, you might need the latest version of the Flash plug-in. This comic operates in a manner reminiscent of adventure games, although the gaming aspect is far over-shadowed by the story. Basically, you experience the mystery through the viewpoint of the two protagonists. You can press the spacebar or click on the little arrows to progress through the conversation. At several points in the conversation, you will have several options for progressing through the branching storyline. Important clues (and false leads) are indicated by a clue icon that appears in the corner. These clues might or might not be important, but if you are a registered member, your account will keep track of your clues and your progress through the mysteries. Take it at your own speed, and have fun!