The Spider Cliff Mysteries


From time to time, I make changes to the animation code, the remote set of instructions for animating the characters. Usually, these changes include new features or extra animation. Once in a while, I make a change that quite accidentally breaks some of the older chapters. The following is a collection of some of the more bizarre accidents...

Date: Jan 1, 2004
Barlow's head spins in circles during a panic attack.
Things like this are the natural result of my trial-and-error approach to geometry. I think the intent was for Barlow to quickly jump up like he was startled... instead his head rotated 360 degrees in a most unnatural way. I finally pegged it down to the head pivot thinking that the fastest way from 1 degree to 359 degrees is to go the long way.

Date: Aug 7, 2003
Everyone slides over to the left edge of the screen and stays there.
Sometimes, I make BIG chages to the way that certain things work in the series. This one happened before I started the series over in 2004. I had just implemented a nice walking routine (which is still in use), and up until then none of the characters ever walked around. I got it working but forgot to fix the existing chapters. The result: everyone slides to the corner.

Date: Sept 2, 2003
Barlow forgets how to hold a coffee mug.
I was never a stellar math student.